Tagyamon, Campañano bag the 1st Place on Regional 4th Annual IT Quiz Bee

Cheryl Tagyamon and Gerald Campañano, both from the section of IV - Diamond seizes the throne of being Champion in the IT Quiz bee Contest held at Arellano High School at Pasay City last February 23, 2011.

The IT Contest held at Arellano High, made our school on view when Jean Cheryl Tagyamon and Gerald Roy Campañano got its triumph when they became the champions in the said quiz bee. 

It was a tiring and an exhausting week for them as they compete to the other school, it's just only because they have their good training and at the same time a good bonding with their coach Sir. Arnold Castor, our beloved ICT Teacher. 

It was an extremely unbelievable competition for them, because they never thought of the fact that thay gonna win the said contest, but then because of our GOD's hope, they passed through their fear and brought the bacon home. "We surely enjoyed the contest, and it was a really good experience", they said with their exciting, happy voices.