The Class of IV–Diamond           

    Most of you may be wondering what does it takes to live in the pilot section. Some think that it’s hard to be here because of the pressure to keep your grades high in order to fulfill and meet other’s expectations. Others may believe that this section is a boring one which only thinks about their studies to a point where they don’t enjoy and have fun with others. But behind all these speculations lies the true and adventurous life of being a student of IV – Diamond.

Things You Don’t Know About Us:Cramming

                Have you ever seen a student doing assignment just minutes before the deadline? Or a certain someone preparing and reviewing for a contest tomorrow? If yes, then good for you, if not, then be our guest. Here in our section where every student is a perfect crammer, you can witness the great prowess of students doing everything in just a few minutes. May it be a homework or project or reviewing; everyone is gifted to have this talent although we cannot apply it when it comes to cleaning our room (it takes us a month to clean it).

Filipino Time

                A meeting for a project in school on Saturday at 7:00 A.M. sharp; expect everyone to be complete at 9:00 A.M. Although it is said to be there at 7, SHARP for us meant to be a little late by just only 2 HOURS. By that time everyone is already HUNGRY just waiting for everybody, so everyone takes a nice little break for an HOUR. And the time they will have to DISCUSS the plan for their project will only last for a matter of minutes only to waste time staring at each other.


                If you ever had the time to look around our room and be amazed of how clean it is, you will be much more amazed to know a little of our secret. As a teacher who always stays on front of the class, these “cleanliness” of ours is indeed a good way on how to put it but for others who inspect every single corner of our room, be prepared to have a good sermon from the teacher. Plastic cups with melted ice from leftover shakes, pieces of crumpled papers lying on the floor, bottles of several beverages from the canteen and other plates and utensils, and the overflowing garbage basket which is kept filled by some students who don’t care about it, these are the only things you can see behind that wonderful locker of ours. Although true, we still have managed to snatch the KKK Award (Cleanest Room) by the SSG. If you’re wondering how, don’t ask us, we are still in the middle of conceptualizing the word “CLEAN”.

                These things are just a few of the secrets and the adventures of our section. The real enjoyment and happiness you will feel here is beyond unexplainable. With all the experience we had so far maybe you can learn a lot more if you visit us and be our friend. Don’t worry, everyone is welcome in our section, we will do our very best to give you a heartwarming welcome.

“For Together We Stand, Divided We Fall”