Class Prophecy -
Class Prophecy of IV-Diamond Batch 2010-2011

It was a misty morning of February 2026. Outside the condominium, it was still dark and the fog is suspended thickly into the mid-air. It’s been a long and exhausting year, so I thought it would be best to take a break from the busy world of news and media.

 I was currently busy packing my things for my Asian Cruise vacation, and then I catch sight of the small sealed package on top of my coffee table. I picked it up and opened it with care. After a few seconds, I realized it was a book from a dear friend and old classmate of mine, Joanna May Pilla. She was now one of the most-beloved writers of our time, having written five best sellers and a number of big hits not only in the Philippines but also outside the country. And guess what? This book is yet to be released on the stores worldwide on summer 2026, but being her friend is quite a privilege, so I got my own and free copy in advance. J

 My thoughts were wandering freely for a moment, back to the days of my youth when I was still in high school. Suddenly I became conscious of time; it was already 6:00 am! I fixed everything and myself once more then stormed out of the room and the hotel, feeling as excited as ever. Surely I don’t want to miss this three-day cruise trip, and also I have this feeling that something great is going to happen.

On my way to the port while riding at the backseat of my newly bought car designed by the well known Engineer Carl Maximo himself, I browsed through the country’s leading newspaper and spotted a picture of another old classmate of mine. He was Admiral Marion Japeth Moratalla, who by now had earned a clean and respectable reputation on the Philippine Navy. After reading the article, I scanned the paper once more and looked for the Editorial page. The Editorial for that day mainly talks about the rising economy of the Philippines, citing the names of several reputable city mayors which include one of my high school classmates, Desa Anne Pardiñas. The paper’s Editor-in-Chief, Adrian Carlo Oliveros, doubtlessly knows how to catch everybody’s attention because of his writing. I continued to read the paper, and when I reached the Sports page, I saw my favorite Sport writer’s name, Sarah Lapera. I was truly pleased to read that Heidi Lacambra, after many long hard years of training, was now the world’s grand chess master. That is just another thing that makes me and the Philippines proud. 

As we approached the metropolis, we crossed the grandiose new Manila Bay Bridge, a new suspended erection, engineered by my old friend Guillermo Danipog III. Then just when we were near the destination, I abruptly felt hungry. With this I asked my chauffer to stop by my favorite patisserie, built by one of my old classmates Camille Loren Canapi, the Philippines’ Baker Queen. I’ve heard that last month she opened her newest branch outside the country. After I ordered some hot Pandesal, I suddenly remembered my friend Christine Marie Solano. Back to the old days, she used to bring Pandesal every morning and share it with me. Now, she is a teacher with a Doctorate Degree specializing on Special Education. She may not share Pandesal with me anymore, but it is indeed good to know that she now shares quality education to the youth of our country. As I walked back to my car, a familiar face printed on a gazette in the magazine stand caught my attention. Written on its cover were the words “Entrepreneur of the Year.” After a while I realized that she was Nichole Anne Ginez, one of my high school classmates. I picked it up and bought it, then returned to my car with a smile on my face.

After some time, I finally arrived at the port. I thanked my driver and headed inside the station. Several crew members assisted me and leaded me to the vessel. Once I’m already inside the five-star ship, its captain Dan Christian Aladano approached me. After we greeted each other, I thanked him for sending me the invitation to go on this Asian cruise.

While strolling all over the place, I bumped into a familiar figure, a petite good-looking girl with a professional camera on her hand. She was no doubt Kassandra Mae Agas, another old friend of mine. She told me that she was now a doctor, but her passion for photography still remains within her. I knew that we have so much to talk about, so I invited her for lunch and from her I gathered several information:

·        Gladys Dimaya now works on the country’s premiere hospital as the head nurse with Dr. Kassandra Agas.

·        Computer Programmer Gerald Roy Campañano with his teammate Nicole Nacionales is currently working together on making a desktop publishing application yet to be launched worldwide in 2027.

·        Award winning Chemical Engineer Loren Partosa was also busy working in her newest research for atomic and chemical innovations.

·        Diplomats ZJ Camille Aggabao, Carla Yvonne Alcaide, Princess Sarah Despues,  together with Pharmacist Hannah Krizzia Cortes had also succeeded in their chosen careers and were currently on their vacation in South Korea.

·        Stacydale Salsalida, now married to a rich man named Edward Pattinson, was currently living peacefully in the United States with 2 kids.     

·        Earl Ruey Guevarra, just like Stacy Salsalida, was happily married with 3 kids and has a high-paying job on one of the Philippines’ top companies.

·        Architect Ian Borcelis was currently busy designing a number of skyscrapers in Taguig City.  

·        Thessanie Ranque, Risa Almara, Daenielle Gonzales and Manilyn Lonzamia were all working on a multinational company as Executives.

After swapping more stories, we bade each other goodbye hoping to see each other again some other day.  

I went back to my room to take a much needed rest. While listening to the song of the famous band consisting my old classmate Aries Licup, the telephone rang.  It was my friend Mariana San Juan on the other line. She’s now one of the most trusted and high earning psychiatrist in the country.  And guess what? She told me she was officially getting married! She also said that I along with Joanna Pilla and Alexa Mendoza, our friend who is currently employed on a high position at the World Bank, will be her bride’s maids. At that moment I don’t know what to say, all I know is that I was really glad for her.

It was almost time for dinner when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and what I saw surprised me. Standing before me were my old friends Jehiel Mae Cabrera and Mark Toriente! I invited them to go inside and we started to catch up with each other. After a while I learned that both of them were now high-ranked officials of the Philippine Olympic Committee so that explains that they were just on a break now from their busy work of managing the Philippine team when it participates on international competitions such as the Olympic games, Asian games and many more. Aside from that, they also told me that Janina Celeste was also aboard with us on the same ship. She actually works in here as the head chef. After eating dinner together, we all shared and reminisced different stories from the past and laughed at each other’s jokes just like the way we used to. Truly, this night was one of the best nights I’ve ever had.

Perhaps, you are now wondering whatever has happened to our dear Senator Renato Companero Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School eh? With pride and honor, I can say that our beloved Alma Mater was now one of the premiere Science High Schools along with Philippine Science, Manila Science etc. in the country. It had succeeded bringing quality education to the country’s youth and will continue aiming for more success in the future.     

All of a sudden, everything went black. And that very moment I felt someone tapped me. I can still hear the voices and laughter of Mark and Jehiel but at the same time I can sense that something is going wrong. The tap gets stronger and stronger, and then all at once, I woke up.  I was taken back to reality. There on IV – Diamond’s classroom, I was sitting in my chair with Manilyn beside me. Mark and Jehiel were also there sitting behind me, so that explains the voices in my head a while ago. Ma’am Benitez is still talking and tackles the current lesson about Relativity and stuffs about Time travelling. As for myself, I have already proven time travelling, even if it only involves my imagination bringing me to the future.  I smiled at the idea, and then thanked Manilyn for waking me up. I know it's just a dream. But I believe that here in SRCC, dreams do come true.

                                                                                                  Prepared By: Jean Cheryl D. Tagyamon

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