Welcome to IV-Diamond's website! We're currently the Seniors of Senator "Compañero" Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School.

Being the star section of our batch (commonly known as the "Best
Batch Ever"), we don't just focus on academics alone, we also have
some time for sports (in fact, we have some varsitarian classmates),time for gossiping, time for having fun, time for God, time for ourselves and of course, time to PARTY! (if the definition of partying is having high grades and having no teachers).

IV-Diamond is made up of 10 hot boys and 24 gorgeous girls. Having stayed in the school for almost 4 years, we can say that we now treat each other as  siblings. We laugh together at times that we're happy and we cry together at times that we have quizzes and
failing grades.

Our adviser is no other than Mrs. Francia C. Calibara. She is an
English Teacher who gives us very exciting activities in her class.
She always wants us to win in every contests and competitions that
we join (even cleanest room contests!). And she rejoices every award that we get. In our section, one's achievement is the whole class' glory!

We might be graduating soon, but nothing can replace the friendship and the love that we had for the past years. We will never ever forget all the times that we passed together, failed together, had no sleep just to review together, and most of all, we grew together, starting from when we're still young and making our dreams, and now that we are going to separate just to pursue that lifelong dreams that we've been planning together.
And just so you (viewers) know, we didn't made this website just for
having a grade on ICT, its because we want something to look back
for when we grow up.

    Are you excited on the upcoming Graduation?